Chester Zoo – 8th August [08-08-2024]

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  • Rotherham


Visit Chester’s spectacular zoo, enjoy a range from the worlds most threatened tortoise, the roaring lions to the incredible life of the Carnivorous plants in the secret gardens of Chester. Here are a few of the animals at Chester zoo.

  • Bornean and Sumatran orangutans. Originally the islands were connected to each other until around 40,000 years ago, allowing each species to evolve independently. Orangutans are our closest living relatives on the planet, sharing 97% of our DNA.
  • Flamingos live in big flocks and live for around 30 years. Their iconic pink feathers are made waterproof by a preen gland which releases an oil. The colouration of their feathers comes from the tiny plants and invertebrates they eat!
  • Cheetah’s, Look closely and you’ll see why they can run at such high speeds. A cheetah has very lean muscles, slender legs and an athletic, flexible spine. Their wide nostrils allow them to breathe in lots of oxygen when running, and their lungs and hearts are built to cope with all of that extra oxygen.
  • Andean bears are sometimes referred to as spectacled bears because of the white rings they sometimes have around their eyes, making them look like they’re wearing a pair of specs! Their short muzzle with wide flat teeth helps them chew through vegetation and tree bark, and their thick shaggy fur keeps them warm at high altitudes.
  • Black Rhino’s horns are made from a protein called keratin (just like our fingernails and hair). Their thick skins protect them from sharp thorns when browsing and their ears are able to manoeuver to source where sounds are coming from.
  • Chimps each have individual features, just like we do, including skin colour, hair cover and facial shapes. They also have opposable thumbs and toes which they can use to grip tools, long arms for ‘knuckle walking’ and reaching, and extreme strength which helps them moving through canopies.
  • Asian elephants are smaller than their African cousins, and Intelligent and sociable, they live together in family groups and are usually led by the oldest female. Their most distinctive feature is of course their long trunks which can be very powerful, but also very delicate when needed to forage for food.
  • Giraffes tongues can measure up to 45cm long – great for helping them pull down leaves, shoots, bark and flowers off tree branches to eat. They have a special valve in their neck that stops the blood rushing to their head when they bend down to drink.

Admission is not included so purchase your tickets either online or on the day of arrival.


The majority of trips return from destination between 16:30 and 17:30. The driver will inform you of the exact time on the day, dependant on outward travel times. Whilst we do not guarantee a W/C on board most of our excursion fleet do have toilet facilities. For your comfort we allocate seating at time of booking, however reserve the right to alter or amend your seat allocation for utilisation purposes.

Our Pick-ups are as follows:

  • Maltby High Street(Stop Nearest Queens Hotel)
  • Bramley Cross Roads (Bus Stop outside Aldi/The King Henry)
  • Wickersley (Bus Stop before Wickersley Roundabout/ Masons Pub)
  • Brecks (Bus Layby after Brecks Pub on Bawtry Road)
  • Stag Roundabout(Bus Stop before Stag Roundabout on Wickersley Road)
  • Rotherham Interchange Stand C2

Tour Date


Pick Up / Departure Point

Maltby High Street- 08:15 +£0.00*
Bramley Cross Roads- 08:30 +£0.00*
Wickersley- 08:35 +£0.00*
Brecks- 08:40 +£0.00*
Stag Roundabout- 08:45 +£0.00*
Rotherham Interchange- 09:00 +£0.00*


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